Do You Have Crooked Teeth? – Orthodontic Treatments Can Help

//Do You Have Crooked Teeth? – Orthodontic Treatments Can Help

Do You Have Crooked Teeth? – Orthodontic Treatments Can Help

Do you suffer from distinct crookedness of the teeth? Are you tired of your situation, and ready to put an end to it, once and for all, and have the straight, perfect, movie-star teeth you know you’ve always been destined to have? Let me tell you, there’s a proper, Latin-derived medical term for your misaligned teeth, and that is malocclusion. Some say that 90% of people have some form of malocclusion, even if only 15% of the cases are severe enough to warrant the attention of an orthodontist. Of that 15%, not all are given the opportunity to receive that critical early orthodontic treatment, which means they grow into adulthood with the problem still plaguing them. If you are one such person, then on behalf of all humanity and civility, I’d first like to say, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you’ve had to live that way, but you should know you don’t have to any longer.Orthodontics san Antonio

You may have thought, up to this point, that you are too old for braces. If the metal braces they use on children were the only kind available, I would tend to agree with you, but they’re not. There are in fact many types of braces that are geared towards the need of adults for discretion, and a lack of impact on personal appearance. Orthodontists are a rather ingenious and innovative lot, and since there have always been adults in need of discreet smile correction, they have, over the years, devised a variety of highly creative ways to accomplish exactly that aim.

For starters, there are braces that are like the metal variety in form and function but made from different, less aesthetically abrasive materials. Clear braces are made from a transparent plastic, which makes them much less bothersome to the eyes. Ceramic braces take another similar strategy, but this time with ceramic materials that can be color-matched to the natural tone of your teeth. These two options are quite practical, in that they are just as effective as metal braces, but a bit less harsh on eyeballs. Although someone speaking to you would likely notice you were wearing them, they still don’t completely alter your appearance to that of an awkward, fully grown child, the way that metal braces no doubt would.

However, if the over-the-teeth approach is a bit too mainstream for your tastes, and you’re looking for something more subtle, lingual braces are an excellent option, although you’ve probably never heard of them; but why would you? You’re more likely to have seen a Sasquatch than a set of lingual braces because they are so skillfully concealed, you’d need a tiny little periscope in the mouth, to ever hope to catch as much as a glimpse. That’s because these braces attach to the backs of the teeth, and do the same job as the normal braces, but from the rear. They’re a bit less versatile, and a bit more expensive, but if you have the right kind of crooked teeth, and the right size of a wallet, they just might be for you.

For the other 99% of us, there’s Invisalign. Invisalign is a smile solution that, although somewhat bourgeoisie, is an extremely effective and discreet orthodontic method. Invisalign uses an alternative to braces, called aligners, to apply constant pressure to teeth, in the direction of perfection. Rather than doing this with wires and brackets, as braces do, it does this by completely enveloping the teeth, like a plastic glove, and nudging them toward their ideal positioning. Invisalign is custom printed by your orthodontist, and removable, so you can take it out while you eat, and even while you sleep, if you want to. This is nice because it can prevent food from getting stuck in your teeth, the way some foods can when you wear wire braces. The only catch is you have to go in more often to have new aligners printed, but other than that, Invisalign or a crowd-pleaser that is affordable, as nearly invisible as you can get, and will accomplish the task just as well as most types of braces.

So, you see, whatever your smile correction needs and preferences, your friend the orthodontist has a solution that will work for you. There’s no need for you to have metal contraptions on your teeth just to get them straightened out a bit, it can all be done with discretion and care. If you’re in the market for an invisible braces solution, make an appointment with your orthodontist today.

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