Am I The Right Dentist For You

//Am I The Right Dentist For You

Am I the right Dentist for you?

Are you looking for an Orthodontist in San Antonio? Are you tired of having expensive dental work redone instead of it lasting you a lifetime? If so, understand that being an exceptional cosmetic dentist, implant dentist and crown and bridge dentist goes beyond fixing individual teeth. Thank you so much for visiting my website!You cannot do cosmetic dental procedures without taking into consideration the entire masticatory system (teeth, gums, bones, MUSCLES and JAW JOINT). The same goes for implants, crowns, bridges and fillings. The teeth cannot be separated and treated without taking into consideration the other parts of the mouth. Everything has to work as one coordinated system. Teeth, dental fillings, crowns implants or veneers can look beautiful but interfere with the jaw joint, jaw muscles and jaw movement. Rarely are all the parts of the masticatory system properly analyzed to ensure long term success of dental treatment. Childrens Dentist San Antonio
IF THE ENTIRE MASTICATORY SYSTEM IS NOT PROPERLY ANALYZED AND TREATED, YOUR EXPENSIVE DENTAL TREATMENT IS DOOMED TO FAILURE! The very best dentists will agree with this statement. I cannot emphasize enough how much damage is done to teeth, gums, the jaw joint and expensive dental work because of unbalanced forces (unbalanced bites) on the teeth and rest of the masticatory system. A dentist on the top of his or her profession has a much higher than average understanding of how the entire masticatory system functions together, so in the long run specific dental treatments will be comfortable, functional, beautiful, natural looking and last a life time! I have achieved this higher understanding through decades of clinical experience and significant advanced education and training. Over the last 20 years as a cosmetic dentist, implant dentist and crown and bridge dentist I have helped thousands of patients become healthier, comfortable and more attractive by solving their dental problems and I would like to help you! Whether I am giving someone a beautiful smile with porcelain veneers, whitening or Invisalign, replacing missing teeth with dental implants or doing fillings, bridges or crowns, I make sure the care is as holistic, biological and minimally invasive as possible. As a holistic dentist and biological dentist, I understand that a healthy mouth is an important part of a healthy body. My goal with every patient is to detoxify their bodies of oral bacteria, use the most compatible dental materials available in their treatment, make sure that their entire masticatory system is functioning optimally and give them the smile they always wanted. If you are ready for this kind of dental revision and want ongoing dental problems to finally end and get the smile you always wanted then please give me a call!

A large part of my practice is cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry. However, no matter what procedures I perform, I place great emphasis on diagnosing the two major sources of dental disease; unbalanced bites and bacterial infection. Unbalanced bites can cause excessive wear and fractures in the teeth and perpetuate cavities, root canal infections, gum disease, bone loss, pain and improper function of the jaw (TMJ syndrome). To resolve bite problems, I do a sophisticated bite analysis and then delicate bite balancing procedures. To accurately diagnose the level of bacteria in the mouth I use unique high powered microscopes that can show each patient the quantity and type of bacteria in their mouth. I then have a sophisticated protocol to disinfect the mouth that involves the use of powerful antimicrobial solutions and lasers. Simply put, we can do more than just a cleaning for our patients; we can do a true disinfection of their mouths.

In order to deliver the best care possible to my patients, I use state-of-the-art technologies and treatments to solve my patient’s problems. My office is completely computerized with the best clinical and practice management software. I routinely incorporate digital x-rays, digital photography, lasers and microscopes in my exams and treatments. This allows me to be a true minimally invasive dentist because I can diagnose and treat dental disease at the earliest stages. This results in less drilling and less root canals for my patients. As a laser dentist, I have found many applications for lasers in my care. I am also certified in the latest minimally invasive therapies such as Lumineers, Invisalign and dental implants.

I am a holistic dentist and biologic dentist. I remove all amalgam (silver, mercury) fillings using a special protocol which includes the use of oxygen, a dental dam, mercury filters and more. All my material (fillings, crowns, bridges, etc.) are of the highest quality and are highly biocompatible with the body. Individualized biological testing of the materials is routinely offered to each patient as well. I have been a mercury free dentist for most of my career . Metal free fillings, metal free crowns and metal free bridges are available also. I am also a member of the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology or IAOMT.

My unique holistic and biological practice philosophy has resulted in superior care as an implant dentist, cosmetic dentist and crown and bridge dentist. Seeing so many patients become healthier and more attractive has been extremely fulfilling for me. Thank you so much for visiting my website!

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