Are Permanent Retainers the Choice for You

//Are Permanent Retainers the Choice for You

Are Permanent Retainers the Choice for You

How many people are there who are really blessed with great looking teeth with perfect setting to give them that perfect smile? Well, I was not blessed with the perfect looking teeth and had gaps in between my teeth. I had to do many things to fix my teeth and have that perfect smile. At first I did try out with braces but again braces can add ugliness to your smile which I never wanted. So, my orthodontist taking into consideration my age which may lead to teeth gaping again suggested for permanent retainer.


To keep teeth placed together and in good shape there is one helping agent which is called permanent retainer. The permanent retainers are nothing but just a thin band of metal that is placed in the lower or upper law in the inward direction of the mouth. Since the band is placed inwards thus no one is able to see or notice anything different if I show my beautiful smile to them. The retainers are permanent and I cannot just omit them whenever I want. But they are very thin and thus do not give pain to my mouth which some of the braces gave me due to my wrong decisions. Again, it is very safe and after consulting my orthodontist only I tried out these to have that perfect setting of my teeth.

Advantages of Permanent Retainers:

Permanent retainers are often suggested by doctors for treating those ill teeth. When braces do not work out as they were intended to or the age of the person is on the elder side then the permanent retainers are suggested. The age is a big point in treating the ill set teeth because with age the teeth tend to go further and which increases the problem more. Thus taking all the things into considerations I opted for the permanent retainer. There are many advantages of using them such as:

Permanent retainers are absolutely safe to the gums and do not cause problems if they are set properly by the orthodontist.

They are not shown outwards thus it helps to preserve the smile.

They help to fix the moving teeth problem permanently.

They set the teeth in the proper place permanently and make them immovable.

Some Negative Points with Fixed Retainers after Braces:

Though there are many positive points to opt for the product there is one bad point through which I suffered. When I ate apples then it used to get stuck in my mouth, thus I had to take special precautions before eating them and later opted for the juices. Again, flossing was a big problem with Permanent Retainer. I had to take several minutes to floss properly so that there was no food left which can cause the germ problems.

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