Invisalign Odor – How Can I Make My Aligners Smell Good Again?

//Invisalign Odor – How Can I Make My Aligners Smell Good Again?

Invisalign Odor – How Can I Make My Aligners Smell Good Again?

It’s an exciting day. Your Invisalign Clear Braces are in and your dentist is fitting your first set. Finally, your on your way to straight teeth and a healthier smile.
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Days, maybe even weeks go by and your loving the transformation of your new smile, but wait a minute, what’s that smell? Do you smell it? Is that coming from my mouth? More info on this website

Ok, it’s not so dramatic. Invisalign odor is very common and usually happens to the best of us. So what should you do if this happens to you?

There are a couple of things that can be done to clear up the odor in your Invisalign Aligners:

Invisalign Tips #1: The most common and recognized is simply brushing your Invisalign Aligner after every meal just as you would your teeth. Minimum you need to brush your Aligners at least every night before bed and every morning when you wake up. The morning is crucial as it will help get rid of your morning breath.
Invisalign Tips #2: Floss your teeth on a daily basis. Flossing is always forgotten, yet a very important step to not only a healthy mouth, but for bad breath as well. Food particles get stuck in between your teeth and stay there until you floss it out, but until then they begin to stink…yuck!
Invisalign Tips #3: Not only is rinsing with an antimicrobial mouth wash very important for your mouth, it can also act as an odor killer for your Invisalign Braces as well. Here’s what you do; In the morning when you wake up brush your Aligners first. Then fill your retainer case full of Antimicrobial Mouth Rinse, then drop in your Aligners. Let your Aligners soak while you brush your teeth, which should be for a good 2 minutes. When your done, take your Invisible Braces out and rinse off with water. Then put them back in your mouth and your on your way with odor free Invisalign Aligners!invisalign orthodontic treatment

Most Invisalign users do steps one and two, but never think of step 3, soaking your aligners in mouth wash. If you have a really bad case of bad breath then I suggest using mouth wash a few times a day and brushing after every meal. Just a suggestion.

Wow, we covered a lot. I hope this was helpful for you in solving your Invisalign Odor and bad breath in general. Further information on this website

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